Doctor, Rose Tyler

Crossover Fic: In Relative Comfort

Pairing: Jack Harkness/Arthur Eddington
Rating: M
Words: 3,250
Summary: Jack befriends Arthur Eddington while visiting Cambridge during WWI. Eddington's integrity and brilliance reminds him of another man he lost years ago, far in the future. When he discovers Arthur is grieving, he wants to help.
Warning: This is also very Nine/Jack shippy.
Links: | Read at FF | Read at AO3 |
Notes: Trope Bingo: Round 2 - 'hurt/comfort' and 'free' squares. For my free square, I chose 'au: historical'.
Doctor, Rose Tyler

Trope Bingo

So here is my card for Trope Bingo. I'm going for the simultaneous double-line; the stories I'm going for are shaded in grey. Completed stories are (or will be) shaded in darker grey once they've been published.

amnesia language and translation curtainfic bodyswap transformations
character in distress au: fusion au: romance novel presumed dead au: supernatural
futurefic marriage FREE

hurt / comfort against all odds
huddle for warmth unexpected friendship rivals to lovers locked in au: crossover
poor communication skills wingfic rites of passage / coming of age fuck or die chosen family