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Fic: Sweet December - Boxing Day [Drabble] (5/6)
Doctor, Rose Tyler
Title: Boxing Day [5/6]
Author: WhosInTheAttic
Betas: None yet; my mistakes are my own.
Pairing: TenToo/Rose
Rating: K
Words: 206
Spoilers: Only the obvious, considering the pairing.

|   Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3   |   Part 4   |

“No. No, absolutely not.”

“But Ro-se,” he elongates the ‘o’ while cajoling.

“Doctor, I can’t. I really can’t go out to breakfast in,” she pauses clenching her jaw, “that.”

The Doctor isn’t hearing any of it; he thrusts her new Christmas jumper into her hands, “But I found mine—under the chest of drawers, strangely enough—and now we can both wear them before it’s socially unacceptable!”

“Says the man who told me he once wore a stalk of celery,” she muttered.

“You’re saying I could wear this jumper all year, then?” he grinned playfully.

“No. You’re right; what was I thinking?” she counters, “This is clearly the last acceptable day for Christmas jumpers.”

“Exactly. All the more reason for us to wear them together,” he smiles, and the way his mouth holds the word ‘together’ reminds her of what he said to her on Bad Wolf Bay. She’s wistful for a split second, followed by the warmth in her chest of a woman utterly in love.

“Alright then,” she sighs, pulling the jumper over her t-shirt, “Breakfast, yeah?”

“Yep,” and as he follows behind her, throwing on his winter coat, he knows she loves him more than she hates the garish colors on his hideous jumper.

|   Part 6   |

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Well that was basically the most adorable little drabble ever!

“Says the man who told me he once wore a stalk of celery,” she muttered.

This makes me smile more that the promise of smut; so sue me! I love when we - and Rose - get the continuity. All those bodies, but the same Doctor.

I have seen embarrassingly little of Classic Who, but I love to watch it, and I'm growing quite fond of Five, so I had to throw that in there.

I get so pleased at the idea that the Doctor talks to Rose about his past once they are together in Pete's World.

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