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Drabble Series: Little Moments - On the Sofa
Doctor, Rose Tyler
Title: On the Sofa
Author: WhosInTheAttic
Pairing: TenToo/Rose
Rating: K
Words: 156

The Doctor is asleep on the couch, a copy of Moby Dick open against his chest. One arm is clutched over the spine of the book; to Rose, it looks almost tender. His other arm hangs limply from the edge of the sofa, the back of his hand resting on the rug. His too-long legs were propped on the armrest. His head, supported by throw pillows is tilted toward her, his lips slightly parted, a bit of dribble at the corner of his mouth.

Rose loves seeing him this way, and while she takes pleasure in knowing he would be embarrassed to discover he'd been seen dribbling in his sleep (and even heard snoring, albeit quietly), what she loves most was seeing him still, all that nervous energy tucked away; vulnerable, and so…human. The sight of him stretched out on their sofa this way is a reminder of everything they have in this new life together.

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